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As a full-service tree care company, we provide all the assistance you need to make the trees and shrubs on your property healthy and visually appealing. No matter what type of tree issue you are encountering, we have an effective solution for you. We specialize in strict arboriculture pruning. Call Doug Turner Pruning now at (509) 966-1945 to schedule a free estimate for professional tree care.

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Crown Cleaning/Thinning

Depending on the needs of a homeowner and the target tree, our pruning may include any of the following steps:

  • Correcting any previous poor pruning
  • Removing deadwood and diseased wood
  • Selectively removing crossing branches
  • Raising the crown to provide more space under the tree
  • Thinning the tree to create more light and air flow

In any given year, no more than 25% to 33% of a tree can be removed through pruning. Mature trees, in particular, are vulnerable to excessive pruning. Our experts will prune only as much as is safe to ensure that you enjoy the tree’s beauty for years to come.

Proper cabling techniques can extend the life of trees with poor structure or weakened limbs. Although not all trees meet specific criteria in regards to cabling, whenever possible it is a practice we employ to save a tree rather than cut it down. And our cabling system relies on non-invasive techniques, so it won’t further compromise the integrity of your tree.

We love trees and truly appreciate the important role they play in enhancing our urban environment. Sometimes, however, a tree must be removed because it is hazardous, the incorrect size for its space, or in declining health.

Pruning and Trimming

Our focus is on keeping your trees and shrubs vigorous and beautiful by maintaining a proper pruning program. Intermittent pruning to remove plant parts is done for the protection, appearance, structural maintenance and strength of trees and shrubs. It is also essential after storm damage.

Standard Tree Removal

When we are contracted to remove trees for you, our standard removal includes the disposal of the limbs, cutting the firewood to lengths that will be left on site. If you choose, we also include removal of the firewood.

Low-Impact Tree Removal

The final option is a low-impact removal. This is done by lowering all sections to the ground and then removing them from the site in small sections to reduce drag damage to lawn or bedding flowers. A crane may sometimes be needed to perform this type of work.

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